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      Jenae Whittaker
      Leaving Cayman was easier than I thought. Before I left my friends and family told me about the things I will miss from home. Surprisingly I don't miss much. Obviously my family and close friends of course.
      Jenae Whittaker
      It has been a few weeks since I made my first post and within those few weeks, I had been on some adventures in Calgary. Before I get to those adventures, it is currently midterm season!!

      Global Classrooms

      This blog is a collaborative project initiated by professors and students of courses in college writing from three different educational institutions: University College of Cayman Islands, LaGuardia Community College in New York City and New Economic School in Moscow, Russia.
      Joseph Uquillas
      When the school year began and we were told to make this blog I was very interested in it. Considering that I only know American perspectives on immigration, home, and mobility I looked forward to the perspectives of other people on this topic.
      Julia Hislop
      With the US elections coming up and with Donald Trump putting a highlight on immigration, I thought it could be a great topic to touch on. Firstly, there are quite a few ways to legally immigrate to the US. There is family-based immigration...
      Josie Malonzo
      f you are from South Asia, East Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and possibly anywhere in the world, you most likely had or heard about “The American Dream.” Well, at least I did as I am originally from the Philippines and I was one of many Filipinos who once dreamed to make it to the United States...
      Daniil Chesakov
      I watched this movie and it made a great impression on me. Not only is this a brilliant piece of art with outstanding work of the film director and actors’ play, but also it contains a very deep and broad analysis of xenophobia – an appearance, that was supposed to be defeated in the end of the World War II but has...
      Andy Herrera
      Immigration to me is very important because all my family members are immigrants who come to this country to look for a better job opportunity and for us to have a better education. Immigration in the United States is a very huge controversy because one side states that immigrants are a waste of space...